Agricultural Research and advisory services
on fruit, vegetable and field crops

What we offer

Cultivar evaluation, research and development for fruit, vegetables and field crops, focusing on: optimization of plant health, enhancement of product quality and storage life. Areas of commercial research specialisation include pre- and post-harvest technologies and techniques which enhance crop yield and quality. Further research focal areas of harvesting, handling, packaging and storage guarantees input that can deliver an optimal agricultural product for South Africa and the world.

Our Clients

Our clients consist of a wide range of South African and international business entities with direct and indirect interests in the agricultural industry, including producer trusts, new variety developers, fruit exporters, chemical companies, packaging manufacturers and universities.

What makes us unique

Our success is built on a highly dedicated scientific team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Our business approach is passionate, innovative and professional. We have the ability to combine scientific research and development skills with the realities and complexities of commercial fruit handling as well as field crop and vegetable production. We have been in business for longer than 30 years and are well positioned in terms of aligned technology support and communication. This enables us to enhance our culture of providing technology solutions and develop deep client relationships.